H2B/H2A workers annually
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H2B/H2A workers annually supply us 100 to 200 H2B/H2A workers annually. We are team of friendly and experienced Professionals, with expertise in Human Resources and thorough understanding of various industry requirements. Our professionals do extensive research on different industries in US and categories of candidates according to the particular industry needs. At reimer, we take all challenges seriously and provide efficient services to our clients. We believe in providing equal professional services to all clients, regardless of the size and capacity of the organization. Our success is founded on how we approach our clients and the trust we have gained in working closely with international workers. We are looking for enthusiastic, reliable, pro-active team overseas workers that will be perfectly groomed to fill the available positions posted by our establishment. Meanwhile in regards to your inquiring on the possibility of recruitment of applicants from any country to the United States; I wish to inform you that, it is possible to supply us 100 to 200 H2B/H2A workers annually. The limited number of candidates is due to the quota per country, which we received from the US labor department.
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